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Trenching is the process of excavating trenches for different purposes. This is one of the key services that Crush Excavating offers in Lower mainland BC. Trenching is one of the mini excavation tasks that we undertake for commercial and residential clients. Depending on the specific type of project you have, we can help you with our professional excavation and trenching services. The drainage is an integral part of your property and one of the reasons why you may need trenches is to improve the drainage.

Our skilled contractors will inspect your property and determine the right approach to take. Where the soil has not been graded and compacted, there is a danger of soil erosion. Before embarking on any other construction project, it is advisable to ensure that the drainage has been fixed. We have the best equipment to excavate the trenches that are needed for your drain pipes and other utilities. Water damage can be destructive and can cause the foundation of your house to settle or crumble. Do you have a landscaping project coming up? There are areas where trenching will be necessary, especially in the installation of hardscapes. Our contractors are highly trained and we will make sure that all safety measures have been put in place. If you have a beautiful lawn or yard, you can be sure that we will not cause a lot of damage during the trenching process.

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Trenching and Mini-excavation Services in Lower mainland BC

Do you have a commercial or residential construction service coming up? We have experienced excavation contractors and we would love to work with you. Trench excavation is important in various ways including the foundation of any building. Having a solid foundation is very important as this is what determines the structural integrity of your home or commercial building. Whatever size of the trench you may need, we have the capacity to deliver it, with our advanced skills and equipment.

There will be a team of licensed and qualified engineers who will examine and assess the site before starting the trenching. This is an important stage as we will use it to take note of the natural habitat and structures that are around. Our trenching is handled by experienced professionals and we are careful to ensure that the work is completed in total accuracy. Do not be surprised to find a full team of experts on your site discussing your project; this is to ensure that the work is done properly and to your satisfaction.

As you may have guessed, trenching is a type of excavation and there will removal of soil for the area. The size, depth, and shape of your trenches will be determined by the specific project at hand. This is a demanding task and requires the use of heavy-duty equipment and working with reputable contractors. Crush Excavating has been in the business for several years and we can confidently guarantee you quality workmanship.

Commercial and Residential Trenching in Lower mainland BC

For convenience, most contractors prefer to have different utilities installed underground. We have experience in trenching and we will be happy to provide excavation services that are ideal for your specific project. We have worked with clients, who were installing electrical lines, plumbing fixtures, and other forms of utilities. When constructing various structures on your property, you may need some trenches for the foundation and we can make that happen.

All you have to let us know is the specific project you have in mind. This helps us determine the type of trenching services that would serve your needs. It is advisable to work with a contractor who has the capacity to handle any project irrespective of the magnitude. We have the equipment, skills, knowledge, and experience and as such, we will never subcontract any work.

This makes it possible for us to stand behind our work and provide a quality workmanship guarantee for all the services that we deliver. Customer satisfaction is our key focus and this why we strive to meet and exceed your expectations. For all the projects that we undertake, our contractors are keen to complete them within your budget and timeframe.

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Trenching in Lower mainland BC requires the right equipment, skills, and expertise to execute. Fortunately, at Crush Excavating, we have all it takes to deliver the best excavating and trenching solutions.

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