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Crush Excavating has a great team of experts who specialize in septic tank installation services in Lower mainland BC. If you are facing some challenges with your sewer system or septic tank, you can count on us to give you the ideal solutions. Our contractors are knowledgeable and experienced in sewage pumps, sewer treatment plants, and the maintenance of septic tanks.

Commercial and residential experts in Lower mainland BC can have faith in us to solve all the problems that relate to their sewage systems. We have licensed and knowledgeable crews who will see to it that your needs are met in the best way possible.

The septic tank is an integral part of the sewage system as it will retain the waste that is coming from your property. This waste is broken down before it is channeled to the main sewer lines. If you do not have an efficient septic tank, then you can be sure that you will have serious problems, which are also harmful to your health. The waste that runs from commercial and residential properties needs to be contained so that it does not affect the environment. We are always on standby to provide septic tank installations, repairs, and maintenance.

Problems with the septic tank can vary in nature and this is why it helps to have a contractor with the relevant experience. When your septic tank keeps failing, you may need to upgrade it and have a new one installed. This is where Crush Excavating comes in; we will assess your needs and provide the perfect solutions at affordable rates.


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Professional Septic Tank Services Lower mainland BC

Septic and sewerage issues need to be resolved as soon as possible as they could lead to costly repairs when neglected. When you have a sewage leak, you may attract fines and penalties from the authorities and this is why you need to keep your systems in check. When your septic tank fails, it may start discharging the waste into the watercourses or surface water, which is a serious offense. Fortunately, we are the best contractors in septic tank issues and have a wide range of services to offer. If you believe that you need any septic tank services or any other service that relates to your sewerage system, give us a call.

Septic Tank Inspection

One of the best ways to ensure that your septic tank is in proper shape is to have our experts inspect it. Even if you have not noticed any unusual thing with the tank, it is advisable to keep it in check. Our crews have the necessary equipment to carry out surveys of your septic tank and the larger sewerage system. This ensures that everything is working properly.

Septic Tank Installation

Are you looking to upgrade or have a new septic tank installed? Crush Excavating is your to-go contractor and we will make sure that you have the perfect septic tank. Once we have assessed your needs, we will find the best approach to the task. Our commitment is to ensure that the environment is protected and this will be achieved by having functional septic tanks. There are tons of options that are available for you and you can trust us to give you tailored services.

Septic Tank Maintenance

Whereas you may have a solid septic tank, there are so many things that could affect its functionality. Since your septic tank is not on the surface, it may take a while before you realize it. The solution to this is by having your septic tank maintained regularly so as to catch any potential issues in good time before they escalate. Our crews are always available to provide routine maintenance and emptying of your septic tank.

Septic Tank Repairs

Do you have a faulty septic tank that needs repairs? Our septic tank specialists are always ready to provide timely and efficient repairs. We will inspect the septic tank so as to determine the specific problem. Our crews understand the importance of a functional septic tank and this is why we will work with speed. We have an emergency response team that would be available to deal with any emergency repairs.

Talk to Us for Professional Septic Tank Services

Septic tanks are important to your property and the environment at large. We are the biggest company that provides the best septic tank installation services in Lower mainland BC. Contact us and let our specialists help you determine the best solution for your needs. Get a free quote right away!