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Both commercial and residential properties have a wide range of utilities which are critical for a comfortable life. Your plumbing system is very important as it supports most of the functions in your home.

The worst thing for anyone is for a disaster to happen that upsets the quality of life. Sadly, things go wrong and when they do, you need to act fast so as to salvage the situation. Your plumbing infrastructure has so many pipes, drain lines, water lines, and other essential components.

Whether it is the installation, repairs, maintenance, or replacement of your water lines, we are the best company for the job. Crush Excavating offers an extensive range of pipe works for commercial and residential clients. All our services are aimed at making sure that your property is safe and the utilities are serving your needs in the best way possible. If you need any form of pipe work in Lower mainland BC, contact us and let our licensed experts show you what they can do. Our rates are quite affordable and you will love what we are able to accomplish.


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Water Lines Repairs and Replacement

As you would imagine, your pipes and water lines will start to degrade as they age. This is attributable to the fact that they are exposed to thawing, freezing, water pressure, ground shifts, and mineral buildup among other things. When your lines are damaged or broken, the best thing to do is ensure call our experts so that we can find lasting solutions. Sadly, you may not notice the issues right away as your water lines are not on the surface. This is why it is advisable to ensure that your pipes and lines are inspected and maintained regularly. Where the water lines cannot be repaired, Crush Excavating will replace them in a short while. Our detailed inspection will reveal the exact problems and how the issue can be resolved. We have a modern trenchless pipe replacement technology, which is fast and efficient. This is less intrusive and there will be hardly any trenches dug in your yard. We will be able to sort out the water lines without damaging your driveway, yard, or landscaping. Contact us and speak to one of our experts for all your water line repairs and replacement needs.

Dry Wells

Heavy rains are common in Lower mainland BC and when this happens, there will be stormwater all over the yard. Sadly, the water can race down to the garden next door and wash out the gardens. Even without having to worry about your neighbors, when stormwater is not controlled, it can cause serious damage to the property. One of the best ways to contain stormwater is by having dry wells installed on your property. This has proved to be an effective drainage solution and we are happy to install it for you.

We will install your dry well underground and this makes it easier for the water to flow into it. Depending on your specific needs, we can have the wells as deep as 70 feet below the ground level. You will have a choice of having the dry well filled with some rocks or gravel. However, you can also choose to leave them empty. Once you come to us, our skilled contractors will discuss the best options available for you.

Commercial Storm Drains

Commercial properties serve so many people and as such, they require more attention than residential properties. You will want to be sure that all the drains are working effectively so as to avoid any cases of water damage and contamination. Crush Excavating specializes in commercial storm drains and we will be glad to install the best options for you. This will form part of the overall drainage system and gives you peace of mind even when there are heavy rains.

Once we have installed storm drains on your commercial property, we will schedule regular maintenance so as to make sure that they are always working. For the safety of your property, it is imperative to install storm drains as they will spare you a lot of trouble. If you have existing storm drains, our contractors are always ready to provide maintenance services.

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If you need residential or commercial pipe work services in Lower mainland BC, BC, talk to us. At Crush Excavating, we are committed to providing quality solutions to all our clients at affordable costs. Get in touch to book an appointment and get a free estimate.