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Demolition seems like a very simple task for most people. There are even property owners who choose to do it on their own and end up creating a serious mess. What you should know is that demolition is a daunting task and requires the services of a professional. Crush Excavating is a full-service contractor offering professional demolition services in Surrey. Besides tearing down structures, we will remove and haul the debris away. Where possible we will recycle the waste from the demolition project.

We are a company that has won numerous awards for being conscious of the environment. For every project that requires our input, we strive to give our client’s the best value for their money. Demolition projects are quite different and for each task, you will need a personalized approach. Our crews are keen to make sure that you are up to date and informed of the process. From the initial contact to the end of the project, you can trust us to have your needs as our priority.

As a local company in the lower mainland, British Columbia, we are concerned about the environment and we will take responsibility to protect this community. We have the best machines and equipment to carry out demolition services. All safety measures will be put in place on the sites to protect our workers and all other people in the vicinity. There are so many potential hazards that could occur, which is the sole reason we would not want to take anything to chance.

Professional Demolition Contractors lower mainland BC

For several years, Crush Excavating has been providing different services and demolition is one of our specialties. Our licensed, insured and bonded contractors have a great wealth of experience in demolition and clearing matters. If your property has dangerous materials like asbestos, you can trust us to remove and safely handle them without exposing you to any danger. We have a wide range of services which we will provide to different clients. You can trust us to provide quality services, which are within your budget.


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Residential Demolition Services

Do you have a renovation or reconstruction project in your home? There is a very high possibility that you may need some of the structures to be demolished. Whether it is partial or total demolition, allow our team of leading experts to provide you with the best solutions. We will start by visiting your site to inspect your property and the specific area that needs to be demolished. You can count on us to provide driveway removal, floor removal, garage removal, drywall demolition, and bathroom removal among others.

Our crews are highly trained and are known to pay keen attention to every project that they handle. We will handle your structures with exceptional care and see to it that you are fully satisfied at the end of the project. Contact us today and get a free quote for all your domestic demolition tasks.

Commercial Demolition Services Lower Mainland BC

Commercial demolition is more complicated than the residential bit. Most commercial properties are surrounded by other structures and the demolition would require a lot of planning. Fortunately, at Crush Excavating, we have worked on several commercial demolition projects and given the best. Our contractors are experienced and knowledgeable and you can trust us to complete your task in the best way. Before taking up any project, we will consider all factors and ensure that the best decision has been made. We can remove any part of your commercial property using our modern equipment.

Concrete Removal Services Lower Mainland BC

Concrete is commonly used for many construction projects. After a while, you may be forced to replace the concrete. Before pouring a new layer of concrete, you will need to ensure that the old concrete is removed. We have experienced experts who will remove the concrete from your property safely and professionally. We will break and cut the concrete and haul away the waste in preparation for the new installation or replacement. Our contractor will provide tailored solutions that are suitable for your property.

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If you have any demolition tasks coming, give us a call and we will be glad to provide our expertise. Crush Excavating is a full-service company with the best equipment and tools to handle all removal and demolition projects. Contact us to schedule an appointment and to get a free quote for our services. We are always ready to swing into action.