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Crush Excavating offers a wide range of pipe works for businesses and residential clients. We can install, repair or replace water lines on your property to ensure it is safe and the utilities are working as needed.

There are many things that can go wrong with your plumbing system. As pipes and water lines age, they're more susceptible to damage from thawing/freezing cycles, ground shifts or pressure changes which is why you need a professional's help if something goes wrong. You may not notice the issue right away because most of these parts aren't on the surface so it's important to get them inspected regularly by qualified professionals like us for lasting solutions! As time passes, all piping will degrade due to external factors such as ice-thaws (loss in pipe material), freezing - (increased porosity) & mineral build up among other issues ; but when this happens , one should immediately call our pipe works experts.

Crush Excavating offers water line repairs and replacements that are fast, efficient, and cost-effective. We'll give you a detailed inspection to determine what the problem is with your pipes before repairing them in order to avoid unnecessary damage. Contact us today for all of your plumbing needs!

Storm Drains

Heavy rains in Vancouver are a common occurrence and when they happen, stormwater will come over to your property. Sadly this can cause water damage for the garden next door or any other neighbor's yard that is nearby. Besides worrying about protecting yourself from your neighbors, there is also an elevated risk of major structural damages caused by flooding with uncontrolled stormwater on private properties. Putting dry wells into place has been proven effective as alleviating these problems so we would love to install them at no cost!

Crush Excavating will be happy to install top-quality commercial storm drains for you. This helps protect your property from water damage and contamination, which is especially important when dealing with an area as large as a store or shopping mall.

Storm drains can keep your property safe and dry from any storm. All it takes is one heavy rainstorm to cause flooding in a building or parking lot, which could lead to serious damage that's expensive for you as the owner of the business! Our contractors offer maintenance services on existing systems so they're always working fine when you need them most - just call us today and we'll send out our experts right away.

Dry Wells

Did you know that depending on your specific needs, our dry wells can be as deep as 70 feet below ground level? This means they're never affected by floods and storms. We offer a choice of having the well filled with either rocks or gravel for optimal water retention in times of drought. The last decision is whether to leave them empty so you have more space while still being able to collect rainwater when it falls from above - we think this option will work best! We've got some fantastic news: Depending on what kind of structure you need for your site's drainage system, we'll install an underground wet/dry filter (or "drywell") which makes sure all nearby moisture stays contained without affecting any other areas around it because its 
Have an emergency? Storms happen all year round, but are especially common in the Pacific Northwest. For commercial properties like shopping malls with many entrances; industrial warehouses with overhangs near loading docks; office buildings where water may come up into restrooms at high tide—these places have an increased need for proper storm drainage.

At Crush Excavating, we believe that every project deserves a personalized service. For residential or commercial clients in Vancouver, BC looking for quality solutions at affordable costs - talk to us! We strive to provide our clients with the best experience possible and would be happy to give you an estimate free of charge.


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Water Lines Repairs and Replacement

When your lines are damaged or broken, the best thing to do is ensure call our experts so that we can find lasting solutions. Sadly, you may not notice the issues right away as your water lines are not on the surface. This is why it is advisable to ensure that your pipes and lines are inspected and maintained regularly.  As you would imagine, your pipes and water lines will start to degrade as they age. This is attributable to the fact that they are exposed to thawing, freezing, water pressure, ground shifts, and mineral buildup among other things. 

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If you need residential or commercial pipe work services in Vancouver BC, talk to us. At Crush Excavating, we are committed to providing quality solutions to all our clients at affordable costs. Get in touch to book an appointment and get a free estimate.