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Crush Excavating is a company that specializes in land clearing operations. We have the equipment needed for any size of project, so you can trust us to leave your property ready-to-use after we're done with it! You don't even need to pay through the nose; since our contractors are experienced at what they do (and know how best not only ensure quality workmanship but also get things completed quickly) this will be an affordable option too--you won't regret choosing Crush Excavating as your go-to excavation and land clearing contractor!

When you need land clearing services in Vancouver, a team of experts will come to your property. The purpose is to inspect the situation and assess what needs are required for your project. This helps plan how we can proceed with our work on site and how best we would approach this task for you! Contact us today so that our specialists can show you what they're made of.

Clear Your Land Only One Time

Land clearing is a difficult, yet rewarding process. It's more than just cutting down some grass and uprooting plants--without the right contractor this can be costly in the long run since you'll have to repeat it again after such little time has passed. Crush Excavating will help ensure that your land clearing experience goes smoothly without any setbacks or drawbacks for you as our customer!

To make your property the best it can be, you need to call on a company that knows what they're doing and loves giving personal attention. We have all of these things! With our team's experience, we'll get your house looking like new in no time.

You have told us that it is overwhelming, but we are willing to solve your land clearing problem. We will do whatever you ask and make sure the space can suit any need. You may find yourself asking questions like "How much does a land clearing service cost?" Give us a call - we're happy to provide answers to all your questions. You’ve undoubtedly been overwhelmed by how demanding land clearing can be on someone who doesn't know what they're doing; however, not us! Whatever task you throw at us we'll take in stride if it's necessary work for reclaiming unused acreage from weeds or an unexpected change in scope because of new construction plans.

Our company is interested in more than just tree clearing. We are here to help you with all of your land needs, including excavation, pipe works, septic installation, utility trenching, backfilling and other dirt work . Our crews will ensure that your property looks neat and tidy after they have completed their work - even if it means hauling away the mess we made!

Hire us to clear your land

If you're looking to hire a land clearing contractor then Crush Excavation has everything you need! We have the skill and equipment necessary so there's no job we can't handle - from clearing out old sheds in your backyard, moving boulders off-site, removing trees during construction projects...you name it!


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