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You can transform your outdoor living space with the help of Crush Excavating, a professional company that provides quality hardscaping services. Our trained experts will take care of every detail to ensure you are completely satisfied.

If you are looking to create a space that is uniquely yours, allow our experienced crews help guide the way. We design and build all types of hardscapes tailored to meet your needs!

We offer comprehensive services for both commercial projects as well as residential spaces alike; with an innovative team ready to assist in any process from conceptualizing ideas through implementation. Our goal is always improving property value by creating outdoor living areas customized just for you!

Hardscaping contractor Vancouver

We have the best contractors for hardscaping in Vancouver, BC. Our professionals will work with you to create your dream landscape from design layout and construction all the way through maintenance. We guarantee that our services are of high quality as well as affordable prices so give us a call today!

Decorating your outdoor space can be a challenge and you'll need to work with an expert contractor who understands the needs of your project. You may have some nice flowers or other plants, but those won't do for hardscapes that will complete any landscape design! These are practical structures like retaining walls, fences, driveways, pathways etc., which highlight and bring out the beauty in your outdoor area. We take great pride in constructing these best-in-class hardscapes because we know they're such an important part of completing any landscaping plan

Decorations make up just one aspect of designing outside spaces; without them it would look unfinished! Hardscapes - sturdy structural elements made from concrete or metal

We are so glad that you came to us for your home improvement needs. We have many different types of projects available and we work hard to make sure every one is a custom experience! Our team will take the time needed, go over all details with you before moving forward and do whatever it takes in order to ensure complete satisfaction at the end of any project.

Crush Excavating is a team of talented, innovative experts who are eager to share their ideas for your hardscapes. When you come to us with an idea or plan in mind, we can install the best material and guarantee high-quality workmanship. A project may be too demanding when it comes down to manual labor; fortunately there’s modern equipment that will take care of any heavy duty tasks. Talk with Crush Excavating about options for making your landscape and outdoor space perfect!

Our reputable contractors are always prepared to design, plan and install a hardscape that will be tailored specifically for your commercial or residential property. We have an extensive variety of choices available, so there is something for everyone looking to enhance their driveway with the perfect border stones.

Crush Excavating will custom design and install anything you need. They've got the materials, expertise and competitive rates to give your house an elegant landscape that lasts a lifetime. Their retaining walls not only look great but also help with soil erosion control.

Patio Paving and Other Hardscaping

Crush Excavating is pleased to offer the best pavers and other hardscapes for yards in Vancouver BC as well as designs of all types including decorative features such as waterfalls or streams made out of natural stone material like granite boulders.

We are experts in hardscapes and will transform your landscape with our innovative ideas. Let's get started on the right foot when it comes to beautifying your property today!

We know that you are looking for a landscaping project with minimal damage and installation of hardscapes. Our contractors have extensive experience and training so any safety measures will be taken care of in order to protect your lawn or yard while we install the trenches necessary for these projects. Contact us today!


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