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Demolition may seem like a simple task for most people, but it can get messy if you don't know what to do. If you are considering tearing down your property on your own and need help with the process, Crush Excavating is here to assist! We offer professional services in Vancouver that will demolish structures while removing debris from site and hauling away any leftover waste or recyclable materials. 

There is a reason we are considered the #1 company for demolition projects. We make sure to provide you with your desired outcome while not doing any damage to the environment in our process of getting that result. With every project, each client gets personalized attention and service from start until completion without ever having to worry about being left out or uninformed on what's going on during this entire experience as well as trusting us 100% throughout it all because we have their needs at heart (which has been shown by numerous awards). We specialize in handling everything related specifically towards demolitions like hazardous materials removal, asbestos abatement and more so whether it be residential properties or commercial buildings - large jobs small jobs-we've got you covered!

Demolition Team in Vancouver, BC

The demolition crew at this company is on the cutting edge of both safety and environmental protection. As locals, they are committed to protecting their community for generations to come by making sure that all work sites carry out proper health and safety precautions as well as an environmentally-conscious approach. All machines will be used with care so not only do we protect ourselves from potential accidents but also make it possible for our clientele to enjoy a clean natural environment where they live or operate in the future!

For years, we've been providing different demolition services to both the residential and commercial property owners alike. We offer a wide range of affordable demolitions that will leave you satisfied with our work no matter what your budget is! No job is too big or small for Crush Excavating. You can trust us as one of the leading providers in Southern California because they have extensive experience dealing with asbestos removal and handling hazardous materials like lead paint without endangering anyone around them. For several years, we’ve been offering various demolition solutions from home improvement projects all over town to business office buildings out west—and everything in between! With some safe-handling techniques on top of being licensed insured bonded contractors; safety has never looked so good before

Do you have a renovation or reconstruction project in your home? There is a very high possibility that you may need some of the structures to be demolished. Whether it's partial or total demolition, allow our team of leading experts to provide you with all sorts of solutions. We will start by visiting your site and inspecting what needs demolishing out there; we'll take care everything from driveway removal projects, floor removals when needed for new construction work on top, garage removals too if necessary so access can happen at ground level instead - anything else including drywall demolition where applicable as well as bathroom removing jobs done right!

We're known for our thorough work and attention to detail. We'll take exceptional care of your home, paying special attention during the demolition process so that you can enjoy all the benefits when it's done! Contact us today to request a free quote on any demolitions services we offer.

Commercial Demolition Company

Commercial demolition is more complicated than the residential bit. Fortunately, at Crush Excavating we have worked on several commercial projects and given you best service possible. Our contractors are experienced and knowledgeable so you can trust us to do your job in a way that suits it well! Before taking up any project, our team will consider all factors as they carry out their task for the betterment of our clients' property's interest first-hand before anything else comes into play or consideration. We work with modern equipment which helps remove any part of your commercial property completely from its foundations without destroying surrounding structures too much - giving them time to rebuild elsewhere if need be!

Crush Excavating knows how to handle any demolition project. We have the best equipment and tools for all removal or demolition tasks, so give us a call if you need anything! Our experienced team is always ready to "swing into action," whether it's a small job of one day or an entire week-long project.


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