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Does your property have old and unwanted concrete or asphalt? Our company, Crush Excavating is the professional to call for any removal needs. We offer a wide variety of services including removing both asphalt and concrete in Vancouver, BC! You can contact us today by scheduling an appointment with one of our representatives who will be happy to give you free quotes on all we do.

Crush Excavating has been around for 25 years and is still going strong today. Asphalt in Vancouver hasn't always been so popular, but now it's one of the most sought-after materials to use on your driveway or walkway. People across Canada are noticing how quickly asphalt can start deteriorating due to high traffic volume from cars, pedestrians, animals...you name it! That's why we offer services such as concrete removal and replacement with fresh new asphalt that will last you decades past its expected lifespan.

Concrete is a strong, tough material that can be used to construct many things. It's not only durable and versatile; it also looks great on any property! But when you have concrete as old as ours here at our company, we know there will eventually come a time where the appearance of your home takes a hit because its just too tired for one more day. That's why we're always looking out for people like yourself who need their worn-out or even broken down concrete removed so they can get back beautiful new ground before anyone else notices how bad it really has been getting lately.

The integrity of your concrete is imperative and will determine the overall quality of your structures. Whereas normal wear and tear will affect concrete, poor workmanship can also be a contributing factor. You can trust us to handle the process with utmost professionalism - this is part of our mini demolition services that we offer!

You have a right to expect your asphalt pavement, driveway, or walkway last forever. Unfortunately over time you will notice some wear and tear especially if it's been exposed to heavy traffic and various weather conditions for years on end. There are ways of performing minor repairs but eventually these won't be enough as the surface starts to deteriorate even more despite any maintenance work done so far; this is when you need an expert paving company like ours come in with their expertise that has helped many homeowners just like yourself replace pavements without causing damage at all!

Asphalt is one of the most common and affordable pavement options, but it can't last forever. You need to make sure your property's asphalt surfaces are in top condition so they don’t degrade or become depleted over time due to wear-and-tear. This will affect the value of your home because a well cared for driveway adds significant curb appeal when you're trying sell an older house with outdated features. If this becomes too much work for you on that busy schedule then call us! Our team has more than 40 years experience handling residential paving projects where we'll remove old asphalt driveways and pavements while also reinforcing them against future erosion damage caused by heavy rains from winter storms or summer thunderstorms.

Concrete Removal Services Vancouver

Crush Excavating is the premier choice for a concrete removal company, and you can trust us to deliver quality services. All of our crews are licensed professional workers who will make sure that you're happy with the work done. With knowledgeable professionals on board, we'll get your job done right the first time-- all at no cost! Once we've assessed your site and determined what approach would be best suited for this project's needs, give us a call or fill out an online form today so one of our experts in aggregate material transportation could help answer any questions about pricing estimates as well as offer tips to maximize efficiencies during demolition.

Concrete is used in construction projects and eventually must be replaced. We have the experts to take it off your property safely, but you need to prepare for a new installation or replacement before we can do so. Before pouring more concrete, our contractor will break and cut what's there as well haul away any waste that has been created during this process - tailored solutions are offered based on your needs!

There are a couple of reasons why you may need to have your old concrete removed and some of them include:

  • Poor design and installation of your concrete
  • Large cracks
  • Water damage


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Do you have a lot of concrete or asphalt on your property and want to get rid of it? This is where Crush Excavating comes in; we are professional contractors who would be happy to help with the removal services for both those materials. Contact us today if this sounds like what you need, and schedule an appointment for our free quote!

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