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Site preparation is an important process in any project that you would love to undertake on your property. Whether you want to cultivate the land, put up a house or commercial building site prep must be taken care of beforehand and Crush Excavating offers just what this entails with their wide range of services including pre-site work for residential projects like paving driveways, sidewalks, roads etc., removing trees from properties so they can then build houses there as well as crushing rock (rock quarries). All these are all necessary aspects before putting down concrete foundations.

We also offer more specialized solutions such as trenching for utilities and pipes where clients need it done quickly at highly competitive rates without compromising quality by using modern equipment!

One benefit about working with us is our attention to detail and providing tailored solutions to your site prep project.

Backfills Surrey BC

When you need to backfill an area excavated, and the soil is not suitable for re-use in that location. Our contractors are able to deliver this service because they have a full range of equipment available as well as years' worth of experience working with all sorts of soils. Every property may be different from one another when it comes down to the properties made up by their dirt composition but luckily we will find out what's best for your circumstances before starting work on any project needs or requirements!

Grading services in Surrey

Grading services are important for any landscaping project. If your yard is not level, this can affect the drainage and overall design of a landscape installation. Crush Excavating offers quality grading services that will ensure you get exactly what you want out of your home improvement projects!

Your drainage is the key to maintaining a healthy, happy property. If water doesn't drain easily and backs up into your house foundation it can be messy and expensive! We've got all of the equipment that you need for any grading or clearing work- just give us a call today so we can come out on site as soon as possible!


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What is Site Prep?

Site Preparation: Site prep is an important process when it comes to any project on property whether cultivation or putting up a house or commercial property; Crush Excavating offers tailored services

You have a construction site that has unwanted vegetation and debris? Choose the best company for land clearing: us. We are equipped with different machines, tools and equipment to execute your task successfully. When we remove trees, shrubs, roots or other debris from your property you will be left with nothing but clear space; free of dangerous substances too! You'll like our service because it includes regular updates on work being done at no extra cost and safety is guaranteed by our professional contractors who know what they're doing

Why Us?

Crush Excavating is a leading site preparation company in Surrey, BC - it's one of our top specialties. They offer tailor-fit solutions to meet your needs and make sure you are satisfied with the work they do for you.

If you been searching for an experienced and reputable site preparation company in Surrey, BC then look no further. We are the most reliable contractors that have a combined experience of over 30 years on this industry.

When you have a trench or excavation that needs to be backfilled, our contractors can deliver. They are able to carefully plan every detail of the process and use heavy-duty equipment for your project so it is completed on time and within budget. We offer full service excavating services at affordable rates with no job too big nor small!

We've made a habit of ensuring that every property is in top shape and backfilled properly, so you don't have to worry about any loose layers. Our crews will take care not only with our workmanship but also the structures on your property as well as underground utilities.

Unfortunately, not all yards are leveled which can affect some of the projects you want to execute. We have experienced contractors who will ensure that your yard is graded and level in a professional way so it doesn't cause any problems with drainage or landscaping design!


Drainage on your property is of the utmost importance. Without it, water could easily get into and around your foundation which can lead to costly damages that you don't want to incur when there are easy solutions available from us today! We have all the grading equipment required for a smooth drainage process so make sure not let any more time slip away by giving us a call right now.

As an excavation company, we are always looking for innovative ways to get the job done. One way is by investing in our fleet of earthmoving equipment and hiring contractors that have experience with this work. We pride ourselves on being able to handle anything from small jobs like grading land or excavating an area all the way up to large-scale projects such as moving dirt around your site for construction purposes. If you need us, just give us a call!

Site development experts providing Surrey with earthworks

Our team of site developers are proud to be able to provide their expertise in projects based out of the city, Surrey. With a focus on ensuring that our clients get exactly what they need and want- no matter if it's commercial or residential needs - we're happy for you talk about any project ideas without judgment!

Our crews can make your site prep a breeze. Contact us now and let one of our experts take you through the different services that we offer, from grading to other dirt work.