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We offer home lifting services to accommodate all types of needs. Depending on what type of property owner you are - whether it's someone who is looking into relocating their character home because they need more space; if there has been some major structural damage done by fire or storm and raising one level could save that part while rebuilding another floor would be too costly; those interested in safety measures against frequent flood zones-we can help with expert

House Lifting for Flood

If you're not looking to relocate your house, but want the option of doing so in case weather or other factors make that necessary down the line (such as flooding), we have an affordable and effective solution. If floods are a concern for you, our services will provide height clearance from any potential inundation!

House Lifting for Home Additions

If you are thinking of adding a new story to your house, then raising the foundation is typically one of the first steps before construction can start. This involves taking down any current structures and excavating below ground level for more space. Once excavation has been completed, contractors will set up temporary supports around where they want to dig out even further from there on in order to make additional room underneath what would be considered "grade" or normal clearance height so that when it comes time for installation day everything goes much smoother without getting hung up on obstacles like utility pipes etcetera. Afterward all debris must be removed while structural steel rods have already begun going into place under grade providing support against potential earth which might slip following this process as well as preventing

To ensure safety and minimize the chance of any damages, contact our exceptional house lifting company. We take care to have an understanding of all that is involved in your endeavor before we begin work on it so you can be assured everything will go smoothly.

The best solution for homeowners when they need to relocate their house is by hiring a company that specializes in lifting homes. Although this process may sound simple, there are many logistics behind it and our contractors have already done the research so you don't have to!

Crush Excavating has the experience, skills, and equipment necessary to lift any structure. You can trust our crews for your house lifting or commercial property projects - we will take care of all documents needed beforehand so that everything is legally in place!

In the event that you want to add new rooms or structures underneath your house, there will be drawings required. We have a clear roadmap of how we intend on completing it and can answer any questions about process along the way. There is always someone in charge who would love to go over with you what type of equipment they'll use for all this work as well as any other concerns related specifically to their team members' expertise during every step!

Building Raising Experts in Surrey BC

We understand that the process of raising a building is not an easy one. We have been in this industry for so many years and are experts when it comes to such projects. With our state-of-the-art equipment, skills, and expertise at hand we can now elevate any building with minimal damage done to its structure. There's no need for you anymore to worry about being unsafe or having your property damaged as there will be professionals who ensure all goes well during construction period while still adhering strictly on safety guidelines!

A faulty foundation is the worst nightmare for any homeowner. When you see signs of a settling foundation, it's better to take action before disaster strikes and talk to us about how we can fix your house so that its structural integrity will be enhanced. We use our experts' knowledge when lifting your home because this gives them access to the foundations which need mending; trust in us as they provide secure support for all houses with their expert work and consultation during such an important time like now!

Need House Lifting Services in Surrey BC? Contact Us

House lifting in Surrey is an arduous and daunting task, which means there are not many contractors who specialize in the process. Luckily for you Crush Excavating has risen to meet this demand by becoming leaders of house lifting solutions in Surrey BC Canada! Contact us today at (604) 923-6104 so we can help ensure your home relocation goes safely with ease.


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