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Outdoor living spaces are hot right now and it's easy to see why. A well-designed patio or outdoor room is stylish, functional, and comfortable—it can be the go-to spot for family time on a sunny day or hosting an impromptu BBQ with friends in the evening hours. There are times when you may have passed your neighbor’s property and admired their beautiful landscaping; this leaves us wishing we could do something about our own backyard space but don't worry! Crush Excavating has been committed to making people's yards stand out since 1971 by installing quality hardscapes that transform curb appeal into showstoppers from fences & gates all the way down to patios and outdoor rooms.

We are a company that has great experience in both commercial and residential projects. Our crews have interesting concepts, ideas, or designs to share about your outdoor living space. If you need some help with an idea for your property we're here to give it the once-over! We want what's best for our clients so if you think of something while reading this remember just call us up - we'll be glad go through it together and offer any professional opinion on how the project should work out!

Your garden or backyard can be unique and appealing when you allow us to work on it. All our contractors are experienced with hardscaping, giving your property the perfect touch whether it's for a new installation or maintenance of an existing landscape. If you're in Surrey looking for reliable services from landscapers who will give what's best- contact us today!


Why invest in hardscaping?

Hardscapes are structures that bring out the beauty of your outdoor space, especially if you have a well-designed landscape. A contractor will work with you to determine which hardscape structure works best for various elements in your design plan such as retaining walls or driveways and pathways. We're here to help! Hardscaping is an integral part of any landscaping project because it's what brings elegance and functionality together - without them there would be no point in having flowers around just for their looks only. A great way to start off on this journey then is by working with someone who has experience designing these types of features like our company does; we pride ourselves on constructing amazing hardscapes so when we come over all they'll

One thing that we are consistent about is the fact that your property will be enhanced with a natural appeal and features. There are many types of structures to choose from, depending on what you need most for your space. We'll find out more about those preferences as soon as possible!

The innovative team at Crush Excavating will ensure your next project is a success. They have the expertise and equipment to install hardscapes, giving you an amazing outdoor space that's perfect for any occasion- big or small! With recent changes in landscaping trends, we can confidently say they'll be able to give you some great ideas too. Talk with us today about our services so we can help bring your vision into reality!

For the perfect hardscape, always call our contractors in Surrey, BC. We have an extensive variety of choices for commercial and residential properties that will fit your needs to a T - we're sure you'll find something!

With Crush Excavating, you are assured of access to the best brick pavers and other hardscapes in town that will be expertly designed. We offer diverse materials for your project at very affordable rates with a promise of durable structures built by experienced professionals who care deeply about making the customer happy! Whether it is retaining walls or stonework, we want to make sure every part of your property looks as beautiful as possible while serving its purpose well.

The best people for any hard landscaping project are at Crush Excavating. We have the experience, talent and innovation to take your projects from ordinary to extraordinary with their amazing work!

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