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Demolishing your property can be a big decision. Whether you need to clear the way for expansion, or just want some space in-between projects; we have experts who know how to handle it all! Crush Excavating provides demolition services in Surrey and it has been our specialty since 1975 and with over 40 years of experience under our belt, there is no job too tall that we can't take on. Contact us today if you're thinking about demolitions so one of our knowledgeable technicians will answer any questions that may arise before taking care of everything from start to finish! Sometimes when things get crowded around your site as they continue expanding without end, something needs removing: like an old shed whose only purpose was storage until now but which might not suit future plans anymore

Demolishing structures is not an easy task, but we are experts and can do the job well. We have experience in both commercial and residential demolitions so feel free to call us for any of your needs!

Demolition Contractors in Surrey

Crush Excavating is a full-service excavations and demolition contractor. Our services range from the preparation of your site to general contracting work for residential, commercial, industrial, or municipal projects. If you are looking for reliable demolition contractors in Surrey who can handle any job big or small contact us today!

Demolition is not always easy and can be a messy process. A professional will make the demolition effort much easier, which in turn helps you save time and money! Crush Excavating offers full-service contractor services to demolish structures in Surrey. Besides destroying buildings they also recycle any waste that may be left over from their work on your project by either recycling it or hauling away whatever might still remain after tearing down the building itself.

The environment is important to us and our clients. We want you to be happy with the work we do for you, so please feel free to contact us at any time if there are questions or concerns that need addressing in a timely manner. If your project requires demolition services, then it will make sense when you first meet one of out crews - they’ll have experience from their previous jobs on what works best for each task as well as how long something might take based off past projects.

As a local company, we are passionate about protecting this community and the environment. We know how to handle hazardous materials with care because demolition work is inherently dangerous; that's why safety measures will be in place on site at all times.

Crush Excavating is a demolition and clearing company who provides specialty services. We are licensed, insured, bonded contractors with years of experience in these matters. If you have dangerous materials like asbestos on your property that need to be removed safely from the premises without exposing workers or others nearby any danger then Crush Excavating would love to help!

Are you ready for a new home renovation project? We have the perfect team of demolition experts to help out with your needs. Whether it is partial or total, we will visit your site and inspect where in need before providing our expertise on how best to dismantle these structures from start-to-finish: driveway removal, floor removal, garage demolition services among others!

Our crews are highly trained and known for their keen eye attention to every project they handle. We will take care of your structures with our exceptional service, so you can be fully satisfied at the end of the task. Get a free quote today by contacting us!

Commercial Demolition Contractor in Surrey

We have the know-how to handle your commercial demolition project. We'll consult with you about what we can do and take it from there, making sure that any decision is carefully considered before proceeding.

If you are not experienced in construction, the removal of old concrete can be a daunting task. Before pouring new concrete for your project, we will remove any existing material on site to ensure quality installation and replacement work. Our experts will break up and haul away all debris safely so that the final product stays pristine! After removing old materials from your property or building foundation, our contractors tailor solutions appropriate for each situation at hand- just contact us today! Concrete is commonly used as part of many construction projects but after a while it might need to be replaced if there's been extensive damage due to wear and tear over time. We have experience with taking care of this problem by breaking down unwanted pieces into manageable chunks before hauling them offsite where

We are the go-to demolition company in Surrey BC. We have all your needs covered from start to finish, and we do so with our full range of equipment for any size job. Contact us now to schedule an appointment and get a free quote!


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