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At Crush Excavating, we can help you with any concrete and asphalt removal in Surrey. We have experienced crews for all the work on your property—from removing old pavement to breaking up hard-packed ground so it's ready to be replaced.

Old concrete can compromise the beauty of your property. It's important to replace it with a new layer before things get worse. We're experienced contractors and have the right equipment for removing tired, old and worn-out concrete from any surface that needs some help. Concrete is one of best materials you could put on your property; however, there are many factors which affect this material such as its age or even how much use it has had over time so at times you will need to change up what type of ground covering you have in place because an older slab might not be appealing due to wear/age etcetera.. In order for us (we being experts) we'll remove all traces left by aged pieces then add our latest

The integrity of your concrete is imperative if you want to have a beautiful building. Poor workmanship can cause the material to deteriorate, and we are here for that very reason-to help with its removal! We not only offer mini demolition services but also specialize in this area because it's important for our customers' structures too! The quality of your buildings depends on how well maintained their concrete is. Workmanship plays an integral role as poor construction will often lead cracks form early on--a sure sign something has gone wrong or was done poorly from the beginning.

Why Us For Concrete Removal Surrey

With years of experience in the industry, Crush Excavating knows that we can provide you with a range of services for your demolition needs. The crushing and removal process is handled by our licensed professionals who will take care to leave everything tidy after they are done - all at an affordable price! Contact us today so you don't have to worry about debris from construction projects or home remodels anymore!

When you should start thinking about replacing your asphalt is when it starts to wear. This might happen after a few years or even just months, but the fact of the matter is that as time goes on and traffic gets heavier, there will come a point where repairs are no longer enough for protection against damages like cracking pavement. In order to avoid this dilemma altogether - which could make damage removal difficult if not impossible in some cases - consider finding new ways to cover up old paving with an overlay system before you find yourself stuck between repairing too often and needing expensive replacement work done! You can't get away from cracks forever- eventually they'll show through any repair job long past its prime.

Surrey residents are lucky to have a team like Crush Excavating on their side. With so many years of experience, we know that your property's value can be severely diminished by deteriorated asphalt surfaces. That is why our experts will assess the damage before determining the correct approach for repair or removal, ensuring you get what you need without breaking your budget! Crush Excavating is the premier asphalt removal company in your area. We are skilled professionals with modern equipment and highly-trained staff that will get rid of old, damaged asphalt quickly while leaving no mess on site. If you need a new parking lot or driveway installed, we're able to take care of it all!


Concrete Removal Lower mainland BC

Concrete is one of the best materials that you can have on your property and most people prefer it due to its durable and versatile nature. However, there are various elements that affect your concrete, and as such, you will need to replace it at some point. Old concrete is not appealing and will compromise the beauty of your property. We are experienced contractors and we have the right equipment to remove tired and worn-out concrete and replace it with a new layer.

There are a couple of reasons why you may need to have your old concrete removed and some of them include:

  • Poor design and installation of your concrete
  • Large cracks
  • Water damage


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Do you have a lot of concrete or asphalt on your property and want to get rid of it? This is where Crush Excavating comes in; we are professional contractors who would be happy to help with the removal services for both those materials. Contact us today if this sounds like what you need, and schedule an appointment for our free quote!

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