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Commercial and Traditional Land Clearing Equipment

If you need to clean the brush and trees of your land, you may think about which land clearing equipment you need to rent or buy. For example, stumps require a grinder and a stump puller. Dead trees required a chainsaw. Again, the ground cover needs cutter heads with a mower deck. Furthermore, the deadfall may require a brush mulcher, forest mower, or forest bush hog.

In addition, all the land clearing equipment needs support gear and various accessories like hydraulic thumb attachment or mulching head attachment. However, the equipment needs to be sharpened, replaced, and fixed if any parts become aged or break. Moreover, you may complete your job using the traditional equipment, but it needs constant upkeeping and preventive maintenance. Fortunately, you have a highly effective alternative option to conventional land-clearing equipment and its air curtain burner.

Air curtain burner efficiently and quickly dispose of all types of wood waste. However, we are here discussing all the advantages and disadvantages of traditional land clearing equipment uses. Moreover, we will discuss the effectiveness of using an air curtain burner.

Advantageous and Disadvantageous of Traditional Land Clearing Equipment


Usually, mulchers are one of the first land clearing options for people, especially for starters. However, it is a good option because it's easy to use. At the head of the heavy tractor, attach a mulching head and drive the tractor to clean the brush or trees, which needs to be precise. Furthermore, the mulching head makes contact with brush and trees, and its teeth chew the trees into mulch.

Mulching sounds like a fantastic and attractive land clearing option, but it may lead to safety hazards also. For example, when the mulching attachment works, it can spit out rocks which may cause damage to the nearby structures or injury to the close people. However, mulching the head's teeth grinding against the rocks can spark a fire. Again, wildfires are the biggest concern for land-clearing work.

Stump Grinders

One of the special tree-clearing equipment is stump grinders for grinding down the stumps of the tree. However, together you can get them with a separate carrier attachment. The stump grinder grinds the stump into smaller pieces by moving horizontally, even below the soil line.

Stump grinders grind all size stumps thoroughly along with the associated roots. However, before the machine tackles the stump, the unwanted tree needs to be sectioned and felled first. Moreover, if the land is full of stumps, all the stumps need the same treatment. Furthermore, a stump grinder is a labor-intensive technique, and the only capital investment required in this process is the grind stumps machine.

Grinders and Chippers

Using a wood grinder or chipper is another attractive land clearing option, and its mechanism is simple. First, cut down the land's trees and vegetation. Then the wood waste is put into the wood chipper or grinder, and the machine grinds them up. The resulting mulch or chips are pulled to the landfill for disposal.

One of the benefits of the wood waste's grinding up is that it eliminates the waste wood into smaller pieces. However, the smaller size of the waste makes the disposal and haul of debris easier. Moreover, grinders and chippers offer a significant challenge. The chipping and grinding of wood waste is not an appropriate elimination solution for trash. However, it's an interim step only to make waste hauling easier. Moreover, it's a fuel-intensive process. Furthermore, the per hour diesel cost for grinding or chopping wood is 40-100 gallons.

Air Curtain Burner Machines

A simple but efficient wood waste disposal setup is an air curtain burner and compared to the conventional land clearing equipment, it is a portable option. Moreover, it offers a more straightforward design. By setting the air curtain burner on the site, immediately, you can start wood waste burning in all forms. The wood waste types include vegetative debris, root balls, and whole trees. The wood waste burns till the wood waste fit in the air curtain burner.

Air curtain burner eliminates the need for sorting, handling, and processing the wood waste, and it saves your money considerably. However, the technology of air curtain burner returns and taps smoke particles. Moreover, drastically it reduces air pollution. Most importantly, much more quickly, you can complete your job for your business, and it allows you to move to the next step as soon as possible.

Air curtain burners consume diesel two gallons per hour, and this diesel amount is considerably less than the amount for keeping heavy trucks or grinders running. However, the end byproduct of air curtain burner from wood waste disposing of is a small amount of biochar and ash. Moreover, it is a significant cost savings option, and it can turn back the small ash amount into the soil. However, traditional land-clearing equipment requires much more diesel consumption and labor compared to the air curtain burner.

However, the air curtain burner's most important benefit is simple: it ensures the elimination of unwanted vegetable and wood waste by 100 percent.

Types of Air Curtain Burner


The FireBox is an efficient and portable model fitted with skids for easy positioning and dragging on-site. However, it is one of the air curtain burners, and it helps to control combustion pollution.

Roll-Off FireBox

Roll-Off FireBox eliminates the wood waste in large quantities in a highly efficient way. But to transport this, you required standard roll-off trucks. However, this air curtain technology is exceptionally mobile. Additionally, the Roll-Off FireBox machine can be an excellent money-making option for the company.

Trench Burner

The trench burner works in the same way, just like the FireBox, but the burn chamber is not included in the trench burner. The dual axle trailer is the base of the trench burner. However, it is a highly mobile option, and a pickup truck can pull it on the site. Moreover, the requirement for pit burners for a separate pit means it is good to use in the job site, and it allows safe dug on the site. Furthermore, trench burner is inappropriate on the high water table or in the stumps or rocks riddle. After a while, the trench burner tends to crumble, and you can rebuild it periodically. However, smaller land clearing operators mostly use the Trench Burner machine for clearing lots of single homes.