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Excavating residential areas is a prevalent dilemma for house owners. Building a new house yard to repairing the old ones, you may have thought of it. Besides, this excavation process is challenging. Also, it comes with pros and cons. However, there are different needs for a house, but also every resident is uniquely designed. So, the excavation procedure will vary from each other. Let's, dig deep into the digging process called excavation and analyze it.

Concept of Excavation Residential Areas

Before going further, let's take a clear concept of excavation. Basically, excavation work is to make space in the ground for construction. Meanwhile, the dirt, soil, and rocks need to move by digging and cleaning. This procedure is known as excavation. Usually, removing mud and stones to create space for construction is known as excavation work. 

However, for excavating residential areas, the purpose is the same. In fact, there are different types of excavation for the residential area. For example,

Preparation For Excavating Residential Areas

There are some issues to handle before excavating residential areas. As mentioned earlier, excavation comes with lots of digging and movements. So, doing excavation around houses is difficult. Because there are utility lines installed around. Besides, your place might stand right beside the other one. Therefore, the procedure asks for preparation to minimize hazards. 

However, the base intention of dirt movers is to be readying the land from under to around. Besides, excavators start digging with zoning, permissions, and engineering plans. So, before digging, they consult with utility service providers. Again, they collect land surveying orders and approval for further procedure.

On the other hand, excavators estimate troubling obstacles. Such as their team first clearing trees, old logs, roots, brushes, etc., from the zone. Therefore, they will be able to work smoothly and prevent accidents. Besides, the utility connections are kept safe during this procedure. 

Moreover, safety measures are the key to this preparation; the engineering plan is to make the procedure quick. SO, excavating residential areas will be more accessible work with proper planning and safety measurement. 

Excavating Residential Areas & The Constructions

Installing Driveways / Walkways 

First, the old driveway needs to take out. Then, the contractors will inspect the foundation of the driveway. During determining the way, they will check if it is in a usable shape or not. Secondly, it might need extra materials to fix the broken base of the driveway. Finally, the central part of making sure is that a strong base layer is put perfectly. Besides, there must not be any rocks left. So, it is essential to make sure the rock-free strong base is in excavating residential areas. Thus, proper excavation reduces the bumpiness during its lifetime.


Drainage System Installation 

Drainage system installation is one of the processes of excavating residential areas. In fact, proper excavation can make space for the drainage system. Otherwise, the wastewater will stick somewhere and pollute the environment of the house. Besides, contractors dig deep into the drainage line. Therefore, little obstacles will not harm the pipes and reduce the bad smell. However, excavators dig very deep but keep the width small for the drainage line. In fact, their engineering plan will take lesser space and digging. Meanwhile, they will remove old logs, tree roots, and rocks that damage the drainage pipes.  

Septic Tank Installation 

indeed, you need excavation for installing a septic tank. In fact, this installation requires proper digging. Here are the excavators. For proper septic tank installation, the excavators first mark the place. Then professional excavators plan where to put the tank. After that, they dig holes according to the size of the tank. The cesspool and septic tank need precise installation so that they can work properly. Besides, there will be grading to hole dug to ensure the angles are correct, depth is proper, and reliability is in place. Also, pro excavation contractors will provide you with a dependable septic system installation that meets the need for future attention. 

Foundation Building 

​Once the site surveyors are done, it's time for the excavation contractors to get to work. First of all, it's definitely not just a matter of digging a hole that will fit a foundation. In fact, there needs precision and accurate grading to specify the foundation. However, excavation will precisely measure to ensure precise math. Proper grading comes with:

​After that, excavators will remove dug soil and rocks. Because whether repairs or installation, overall integrity and the dependability of the area stand on the finishing part. Meanwhile, it is a must job to make sure proper backfilling. These backfitting techniques are to prevent settling that can cause issues down the line.

Sewer Line Installation

Sewer line installation comes with excavating residential areas. Besides, putting an entire sewer line takes lots of digging. But without proper planning, the sewer line will not work correctly. Therefore, excavators do this precisely. In this excavation process, they dig a hole that fits the sewer tank and pipes. Not to mention, they maintain safety issues and works according to house survey planning. However, when the soil and rocks are removed, the excavator installs pipes measuring the length and depth. Moreover, the main plan is to remake the base strong enough for house building. 


Landscaping is like planting trees but in a more excellent way. Indeed, the yard needs help to make it look appealing and beautiful. But this comes along with excavating residential areas. Adding a few tiers, retaining walls, removing stumps, and building suitable plants need excavators. In fact, excavators will dig according to plans and will clean the area to look good. 


Excavating residential areas is a huge deal. Not only it takes time, but also it brings tons of extra works. But excavating process will not just mess the place. They will bring back the site as before. Not to mention, digging comes along with recreating that surface. You can learn more about excavation for commercial purposes to others.