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If you have a piece of land unused, land clearing process types will help you understand. Either you want to build or clean it up, you must know these processing types. In fact, before starting cleaning the land, you need to consider vegetation, soil, topography, and the particular site. Because to use the ground, you must clean it properly.

However, please don't get overwhelmed with it. Besides, it might sound hard job, but it's not. There are some procedures based on the land types. Therefore, knowledge about land clearing process types will make it sound easy. Because nothing is impossible with proper knowledge. Isn't it so? Then, fasten your seatbelt and let us take you on a journey. Let's, start with some basics.

Land Clearing Process Types Discussion

The land clearing process comes in handy in ways. Some people think that clearing the land is only necessary if you build something over it. But the limit is not that small. First, you can clear the land to sell it at a higher price. Besides, if you want to build something big onto it, cleaning the ground will help planning. Not only that but also, clear land gives proper view to plan. Besides, you can use a portion of the land and keep the rest for further use.

However, the land clearing process was famous for agricultural purposes. Especially, people used to clear lands for planting crops/ trees and to raise animals. So, from the past to till now, the land clearing process has been running. Only the purposes vary. So, if you have land, consider this blog to understand the fundamental dynamics.

Land Clearing Process Types Discussion

There are some types of land clearing processes. In fact, each type has specific reasons to use. Some common ways to clear land are mulchers, bulldozers, excavators, hand cleaning, and burning vegetation. Also, there are advantages. So, lets, start our discussion over it.

Hand Clearing

One of the land clearing process types is hand clearing. Although, the hand clearing process only works when the area is small. Otherwise, you would need to spend a lot of time there. However, in this process, you would need an expert team to handle the tools. Besides, the entire cleaning process includes tree cutting and dirt removal. So, completing the whole project by hand will be tough.

Burn and Clean

This is one of the challenging land clearing process types. Because burning the waste is easier but controlling the fire of open space is hard. So, if you choose the burn and clean process, it would be quick. But you cannot select portions to keep as it is. Besides, the fire control process will take your time. Also, it sounds risky too.

On the other hand, burning tree logs and wastes can harm the land. When those burn, the fire will generate heat. Therefore, the heat can get deep inside the earth, so the soil will not grow anything. Although, every process has advantages and disadvantages. SO if you have control over it, you can proceed but otherwise, choose a safe option.

Grubbing and Dozing

During this land clearing, you can cover a lot of lands quickly. In fact, after the cleaning, you cannot use the land for pasturing animals or haying. Because this quick pace leaves large holes. As a result, it creates a rough, messy surface. Besides, you can only use this finished surface on some occasions.

In the end, there will be a massive pile of material left. Besides, that either needs to be hauled away or burned. Therefore, this additional step will be time-consuming and costly.

Mulching with Mulcher

The mulcher is an excellent land clearing process type. In fact, you can say the best alternative to grubbing and burning. With mulching, you can dig or cut selectively. Besides, it can process vegetation efficiently. Again, whether it is a disc or a drum mulcher, you will get benefits. 

However, you are putting the organic elements back on the ground with mulching. Not to mention, it will be easy to remove trees and underbrush, as well.  By keeping the mulch back, that natural barrier will assist in preventing regrowth. Undoubtedly, using a mulcher for land clearing reduces the chances of coming back to fix the land.


One of the common land clearing process types is excavation. Using an excavator for clearing would be a better idea. Because in this way you would be able to reuse the land immediately. In fact, during the excavation, the soil and debris can be useful if you want to fill other holes. Again, by excavating, you will get the chance to make the space for the foundation and other buildings.

However, the process wouldn't be equally eligible as it sounds. Because after the excavation, you need to find a place for the extracted soil. Not to mention, you might need permission from the surveying team. Besides, the excavation team uses heavy machinery, which can make the land inhabitable sometimes.

Things To Consider Before Land Clearing


Before jumping into the cleaning part, you should consider inspecting the land. Besides, if you inspect inch by inch, you will get a clear concept of the current condition. Such as, check the objects lying around, several trees, waste materials, and other holes, hills, etc. 


Before starting your project, make sure of the condition of the land. Besides, consider checking the environmental condition, soil condition, and other primary sides. Also, make sure of your project's sustainability in that land.


Another important thing is to have authentic paper-work. Because proper permission will save you from penalty. Besides, check with the local government. Sometimes, there remains an environmental issue, soil quality issue, sustainability issue, etc. So, before choosing any land clearing process types, consult with the local authority first.


Another important part of choosing land clearing process types is an estimation. Indeed, you have a budget to meet the goal. So, before starting anything, estimate the entire project. In fact, consult with a professional. Therefore, you will have a proper plan with estimation. Not to mention, the land clearing process also varies from land type.


In short, land clearing process types are variable. Besides, it depends on land types. Not to mention, a land clearing job is not a complete job unless you build something.