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Demolition of structures and buildings is needed for different reasons. However, for this reason, you should know the demolition process and methods for buildings. Every building structure or design has a design life known as lifespan. Usually, considering the life span of the building, the architect designs the building, and the expected lifespan of the building is 80-100 years. Once the building's design life is over, the structure becomes damaged and dangerous for the neighboring building. You should not live in a building whose lifespan is over.

However, for various reasons, building demolition may require, and new buildings should replace the old structures for safety purposes. However, learning the demolition process and methods is essential because the old building has lost its stability. Moreover, structural damage is a common issue in the old building. Furthermore, immense structures are built by demolishing the small form.

What is Demolition?

Demolition means breaking down, destruction or removal. Building demolition is destroying or dismantling the structure by the controlled and pre-planned methods after ending the serviceability life. However, when explosives use in building demolition, then it is called Implosion.

Demolition Process and Methods of Building

building structures demolition process and methods consist of various steps, and the steps are:

Buildings Surveying for Demolition

Surveying is the process of studying different structure parameters and their surroundings. Mainly, two types of surveying are conducted, and they are:

Building Surveying

In the demolition process, the building survey process consists of the following procedure:

Structural Surveying

In the structural survey, the demolition process and methods involve the following:

Hazardous Materials Removal

Petroleum contamination, asbestos minerals, and radioactive metals are all hazardous materials, which can find on the site investigation for demolition. However, specialized persons help remove dangerous materials from the site before the structural destruction.

Demolition Plan Preparation for Structures

The demolition plan involved different process which illustrates the whole method, and they are:

a)      Demolished Building Location

The distances of the adjacent building, structures, streets, and crucial street furniture from the demolished building

B) Buildings Structural System

Demolition plan preparation shows all the building demolition procedures, including the demolishing structural member's detailed sequence and adopted demolition method. However, the plan also consists of public protections, preventive measures, and many more. Furthermore, the precautionary measures area is covered walkways, hoarding, catch fans, protective screens, catch platforms, scaffolding, and safety nets.

Safety Measures for Building Structures in Demolition Process and Methods

The demolition process of a building structure consists of several potential hazards for the building itself and its neighboring structures. Therefore, the building structure's demolition process and methods consist of several safety measures.

Demolition Process and Methods for Building and Different Structure

For building and structures, usually, two different demolition methods are available. And they are:

Non-explosive Demolition Method

The non-explosive demolition method involves demolishing the building structure using some equipment without any help from any explosives. However, no explosive use in this demolition process. Furthermore, for destroying the building or other construction, you may use different equipment, and these are:

a)      Sledge-hammer

For demolishing a single column or small wall, the most valuable equipment is a handheld hammer.

b)     Bulldozers and Excavators

Bulldozers and excavators are big machines, and these machines help demolish small size buildings. However, this equipment is most useful for soil excavation or debris transferring to trucks, etc.

c)      Wrecking Balls

Excavators or bulldozers do not help demolish the 6-7 story building with greater height. However, in such cases, demolition activity can perform with the help of a crane with wrecking balls. The wrecking balls are hanging from a steel rope, and it attached to a large steel ball. The process is pulling the steel ball and release it towards the building. When the steel ball with entire forces hit the building, the building parts become demolished.

Explosive Demolition Method

The process of using explosives in demolishing a building is known as Implosion. The structure collapses when it lacks supports. However, in the implosion technique, the building's direct support, such as beams, columns, and slabs, is demolished using explosives. By using the explosive in a queue or beam, it collapses. Furthermore, two types of Implosion generally operate in the building demolition process and methods. And the types are:

a)       Falling Like a Tree

In the method of Implosion, the building to the sideward falls like a tree. However, the most common type of Implosion is this.

b)     Falling Into Its Footprint

If the demolishing structure lacks free spaces, other neighboring buildings' designs need to be protected, and then the authority uses this type of demolition method. However, in this demolition type, below the building's middle part, the explosives are set. These are heavy explosives as they will demolish the large building at once explosion.