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Building Driveway with Excavating Cost

One of the essential parts of the house is a driveway, and it says a lot about the place. Thus, how much cost is needed for building driveway with excavating is vital to know. However, the driveway is the property's introduction, and it affects people's first impression of your home. Therefore, having a high-quality, stylish, functional, and long-lasting driveway is significant for your house.

However, building driveway with excavating is an essential factor that affects the total cost and quality of the project.

Installation Cost of Driveway

The cost of a new driveway on average is around $2,379 to $6,6471. However, for installation and materials, the per square foot cost is around $2 to $15. Furthermore, new driveways installation cost factors are the following:

Per Square Foot Land Excavating Costs

Excavating is the moving process of rock, earth, soil, rock, and other materials using equipment, tools, or explosives. Most commonly, excavating is used to grade land and lay solid foundations for construction. However, building driveway with excavating consists of removing trees, shrubs, and boulders for establishing a leveled driveway. Moreover, you should also highly consider proper drainage. Selecting the appropriate driveway grade requires precise fills and cut.

In the United States, the per square cost of driveway excavating is between $0.80 to $0.91. however, per square foot, total material and labor cost is around $1.48 to $3.30. the cost of the project of building driveway with excavating depends on the location. However, land conditions, driveway size, and preferred finish options are essential to project cost factors.

The Cost of New Driveway by Type

Material is the most significant determining cost factor for building driveway with excavating. However, the choices are concrete, asphalt, and gravel driveways.

Asphalt Driveway Cost

$1,800 to $4,200 is the average installation cost of a new asphalt driveway. However, the per square foot's labor and material cost range from $3 to $17.

Concrete Driveway Cost

The total average cost ranges from $2,400 to $4,800 for a new concrete driveway. However, the per square foot cost for a new concrete driveway is $4 to $8. Depending on the features, the substantial driveway costs may vary. However, the contractor can customize colors according to your preference by adding stains to the concrete mix.  Moreover, you can have your concrete driveway in different textured, patterned, or stamped. Usually, the per square foot up-gradation cost is between $8 to $18.

Gravel Driveway Cost

The average per square foot cost for installing a driveway or gravel parking lot is $1 to $3. However, for a two-car driveway, the price is between $600-$1,800.

However, the average installation costs of gravel driveway depend on the gravel type used. For the base materials, the starting cubic yard cost is $15 for materials, and for premium quality gravel, the price goes up to $100.

Between different types of driveways, the durable and least expensive option is gravel. However, with proper maintenance and a stable foundation, the gravel driveway can last for 100 years.

Driveway Widen Cost

Driveway widening may need a new drainage system, additional excavating work, and other construction work. However, per square foot average driveway widening cost may range from $3 to $12. Moreover, depending on the condition of the site and materials, the driveway widening cost may vary.

Work With Excavating Pros

Building driveway with excavating requires helps from a professional. Usually, an experienced grading contractor can make the driveway in a beautiful way that is long-lasting and durable. However, if you own a new or old property, you should pay great attention to your driveway, and we recommend it to you.

Evaluating all the excavation and construction needs help from a professional driveway contractor to build the cherished driveway.

Why is Excavating Important for Building a Driveway?

Whether it's a commercial, residential, and industrial construction project, excavating is essential for ensuring a solid foundation for the building. However, a robust groundwork will protect your building from potential damages. Moreover, excavating protects your building driveway from natural calamities and weather disturbances.

What is Excavating in Building a Driveway?

Excavating is the moving process of soil, rock, earth, and other materials with the help of equipment, tool, or explosives. However, building driveway with excavating serves several purposes, for example, trenching, tunneling, earthwork, and wall shafts. Furthermore, most commonly, excavating is used in building the driveway to grade the land and making a solid foundation for the driveway.

Why Is Excavating Important in Building Driveway?

Quality concrete is not the sole factor for determining a good foundation. However, excavating before building the driveway is extremely important for building solid ground. Moreover, if you do mine properly on your land, your infrastructure will withstand and support all the stress.

The excavating process doesn't depend only on the use of equipment. Your homes or building unique features are also an important character to consider. However, the contractors need to assess and inspect water tables, soil stability, soil moisture, and backfill quality before establishing every foundation. However, only an experienced and skilled excavation contractor knows what to do and how to be excavating the property correctly. Moreover, only an expert and professional can identify the future foundation and soil problems such as separation, cracking, etc. Therefore, by identifying the issues, they can prevent them in advance.

Different Types of Excavating Jobs

Depending on the driveway, building, home, or project, the excavating process can be of a different type: